Therapy for Codependency, Addiction and EMDR in California

Jennifer Leupp, LCSW #99988

Therapy for Women, Substance Abuse & EMDR

Online Therapy in California


Does this sound familiar?

From the outside it appears that you have everything together, but on the inside you feel: stressed.

  • Burned out by work, family, and friends.
  • Paralyzed with guilt and anxiety.
  • Overwhelmed by your relationships with loved ones.

Your relationships with family or friends are driving you mad.  You feel responsible for helping them solve their problems.  You want more time to yourself, but you feel guilty getting off the phone or saying no to their constant requests for help.

Life doesn’t have to stay this way.

Hi, I’m Jeni , and I can help. 

I provide Therapy for Women using mindfulness, cognitive and trauma-focused techniques. My clients walk away from therapy with me feeling confident, balanced and  empowered.

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Online Therapy for Women

Make sense of what’s been going on and receive support from a trained therapist you can trust.

Therapy for Substance Abuse

Learn tools that will help you cut down on or quit alcohol or marijuana and get control of your life.

EMDR Therapy

Are your experiences from the past
negatively impacting your life today? EMDR therapy that can help you process difficult experiences in a safe, constructive way.


  1. Call me today. I’ll answer any questions you have and you can be sure we’re a good fit.
  1. Get the support you need.

Join me each week to start the process of healing. Together, we’ll develop the tools you need to find calm in your life .

  1. Find your joy.

You will feel more empowered in your relationships , and you’ll be ready to set healthy boundaries with loved ones..


You don’t have to keep feeling responsible for your loved one’s problems . I can help you feel empowered in your relationships.

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