Therapy with Jeni Marie

Are you seeking relief?

Therapy for Substance Use Concerns, Codependency, Trauma & LGBTQIA+

Find Your Serenity

You’ve been feeling anxious, struggling with boundaries, or have been drinking or smoking for relief. When everyday life starts to feel overwhelming, your relationships suffer, and you are unsure of what to do, you don’t have to settle with the way things are. I offer counseling for addiction, unbalanced relationships, trauma, & LGBTQIA+ for Californians via secure video.

How can therapy help me?

There’s a part of you that thinks things could be better. Asking for help is an admirable quality. It means that you understand that during challenging times you could benefit from some extra attention and care.

I offer a person-centered, collaborative approach to find the best solutions to address your unique needs. As an experienced Addiction Therapist, I can support you in quitting or reducing your use of alcohol and drugs using cognitive, mindfulness and trauma-focused techniques, and humor.

While talking through things can offer you some relief, my goal is to help you feel that you have the tools you need to move forward. Through my therapy and counseling services, you will:

  • Learn how to reduce or abstain from substance use
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Learn to enjoy caring for yourself
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Get comfortable with saying “no”
  • Get comfortable asking for support

​​Don’t wait to seek the support you need to begin working toward a better tomorrow. Schedule a free initial consultation today.