Substance Abuse

Therapy for Substance Abuse

Jennifer Leupp, LCSW in California    

Are you having difficulty cutting down on or quitting drinking or smoking?

Maybe you’re noticing that your marijuana or alcohol use has been steadily increasing, or perhaps you have been using substances to numb unpleasant emotions. You may be struggling to cut down on your own, or you’ve had loved ones mention that they are concerned about your alcohol or marijuana use.  Perhaps you’re feeling hopeless and unable to manage things on your own.

Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, you’re beginning to notice the impact of this in every facet of your life:

  • You’re noticing that your relationships, work or school are being impacted.
  • You’re regretting what you did the days and nights before.
  • You’re feeling like things are spiraling out of your control.
Therapy for Substance Abuse can help.

It may feel impossible now, but you can figure this out. You can reach out for help. You can learn the tools that will help you maintain your sobriety. And I can help you get there.

Therapy for Substance Abuse helps you do 3 things:
  • Identify the reasons why you have been using substances.
  • Address challenging past experiences which are keeping you stuck.
  • Learn the tools that will help you maintain your sobriety, so you can feel in control of your life again.

I’ll help through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. My approach to Addiction Therapy comes from a place of hope: believing that it’s possible for you to identify why you’ve been using and learn the tools that will help you heal.

Chaos and Regret don’t have to be your story.

I can help you get there.

Therapy for Substance Abuse FAQS
Q: What are Therapy for Substance Abuse sessions like?

A: I will share my own experience and insight, ensuring you that your feelings and ways of dealing are not uncommon. We will address any past experiences that might be keeping you stuck.   I will  teach you cognitive and mindfulness techniques to help you reframe your thoughts and feel more balanced.  We may try a trauma-focused technique called EMDR which you can learn more about here.

Q: What are Therapy for Substance Abuse sessions like?

A: The length of your treatment is based on your individual needs. If your goal is to quit using alcohol or weed and that has been a habit for quite sometime, I recommend at least 6 months to 1 year of therapy. I want you to feel fully prepared so that the tools so that what you learn in therapy will stick.

Q: How do I know if Therapy for Substance Abuse will work for me?

A: You would be a good fit for therapy with me if you are having a hard time reducing your alcohol or marijauna intake on your own. Working with an experienced Addiction Therapist can help you gain self-awareness, tools and most importantly get your life back. 

Q: How do we get started?

A: Call me for a free 15 minute consultation or email me to schedule an appointment.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the next steps..

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